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What's Included
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Everything is included to do a  professional  job. Included within every seal kit are all seals pre-cut required by your camera model, One Bamboo tool, One pair of No-Mar tweezers, One #11 X-Acto Blade, Ten Applicators, Cleaning Pads, Cleaning wipe, Complete Instructions, Unsurpassed quality and peace of mind.





Expect More

Olympus RC Avoid the frustration of    attempting to cut your own  seals from a generic kit made up of poor quality materials or purchasing an incomplete kit missing critical seals. Do a professional job the first time with confidence knowing that your seals will properly fit and were manufactured for your specific camera model. Over 230 models in stock.

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Above please view our promotional products for February. Please check back often as we offer many discounted products Monthly.   

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Payment Method's and Shipping Information

PaypalAll of our products are shipped U.S.P.S. First Class Mail unless otherwise requested. U.P.S, FedEx, and Priority Mail are available. A quote for alternative shipping methods can be obtained Here!. Shipping rates are $1.50 U.S.D.per kit. Multiple kits of the same type receive free Worldwide shipping after the first kit. 5 Pack kit shipping rates are just $2.00 U.S.D. Worldwide per kit. 5 Pack kits of the same type receive free Worldwide shipping after the first kit. We accept all major credit, Debit cards, Money Orders, Checks and PayPal.   Multiple kit Discounts Inquire Here!.

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Over 230 models available within our product catalog.

Customer Service

We offer full customer support through our Online Ticket System which can be accessed Here!. Please contact us anytime through any of the below sources.

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Your issues will be resolved usually within one hour. Our Help Desk is open 24-7. Tickets are responded to 7:00 a.m.-11:00 p.m. MST

Detailed Instructions

Instructions within these pages are detailed to your specific camera make and model.
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Our Commitment to You

We are committed in offering our customers the best product available through superior quality material, Ease of use, Lifetime support after the sale and peace of mind.Unlike seal kits that are sold on Auction sites etc. that claim certain seals do not need to be replaced because they seldom wear out is simply not true. Keep in mind that these seals in most cases are over fifty years old, They need to be replaced not ignored. Read the fine print before you buy, Be Smart!.
Our kits include every seal required by your camera, We would not have it any other way!.