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Do your kits include All required seals? Yes
Every seal required by your camera  model is included.
Critical seals missing
Critical  seals missing
Do your kits include instructions? Yes
Both Online and Hard copy
No Some
What are your payment methods? All  Major Credit Cards. Money Orders, Checks, And PayPal. PayPal  PayPal
Are tools included with your kits? Yes
All Deluxe kits include a full compliment of tools.
No No
What is your warranty policy? All of our products are backed by a No Questions Asked lifetime guarantee. 14 day 14 day
Do your seals require any sort of glue? No
All seals are self adhesive back.
No Yes
What are your International shipping rates? $1.50 Worldwide    $6.00 +    $6.00 +
If I return an item who pays for return shipping? We pay for return shipping   You Pay  You Pay
What are your Domestic shipping rates? $1.50 Worldwide   Free   $2.00 +
How many models do you stock? Over 225    Less than 10   Less than 25
What is your average price range? $9.00 $14.00 + missing critical seals* $10.00-$26.00 missing
 critical seals*
Do you offer sales or multiple kit discounts? Yes, We offer both. No No

*Pre-Cut seal kits offered on Auction sites are Not complete and are missing critical seals which are required by your camera model.
  Be smart and get it right the first time.