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Guest article: Mamiya 330S viewing screen frame seals














Removing the old seal material: Not Relevant to the mirror assy.

Special instructions relevant to the 330S only. The 330S was the most recent and last revision of the long lived series. These cameras were first built in 1983. The foam seals in all but the most recent have come due for replacement. It is best to replace before there is a gooey mess. Proceed as follows: Find a clean, flat, well lit area. Set out your camera(s) and kit(s). Be sure the lens cap is on or replace the lens with a body cap. It is easier if you are working on a soft clean cloth. Remove the finder (which ever you have) and set aside. Open the back using the film roll holder knob on the left along with its concentric interlock. Lower the film back and notice the two little silver pins on the inside of the hinge. Slide one or both of these pins towards the center and the back will come free in your hand. Set this aside. Now release the viewing screen at the top of the camera by sliding the catch as indicated by a small white arrow. The screen and its spring loaded frame should pop up. At this point examine the reflex mirror and blow off if needed. Do not touch the mirror. Slide a piece of printer/copy paper under the view frame and over the mirror. Fold the sides of the paper down and then fold the back of the paper to hug the camera body. Secure this with a rubber band. Do not work with the mirror exposed! Now lift out the viewing screen and place on the soft cloth. If gummy, clean it very carefully working from the inside outward to the edges. Do not touch the viewing area. Do not use the knife. Do not use solvents or you risk clouding the view. Work slowly and once this is clean the hardest part is over. Set aside and attack the viewing screen frame. Remove all traces of old foam and let it dry. Peal off the backing from one of the pieces of 6mm x 50mm black felt. Using the tweezers slide it into the frame where the foam was. Press in and repeat on the other side. Leave it to set and take up the door. Mark how far the foam comes up the door on its edge using a light pencil. Carefully remove all foam from the door. Replace the seal at the bottom and then the edges, cutting to match your pencil mark. Using the remaining supplies to clean off the camera, lens and finder. Retire the paper shield, replace the back and finder. Check that every thing is properly seated. Exercise all your shutters and put away uncocked. Please note that not all the foam parts will be used on the 330S that are in the kit. Reduced foam was one of the advances in the "S" model. You have worked hard and done a good job, now go out and take some pics.

When removing an old seal, Either foam or cloth

Use Denatured Alcohol as a solvent, soak a swab applicator with solvent
 and apply to the old seal (DO NOT SATURATE THE SWAB)
Please do NOT use solvent around the mirror assy.
Allow time for the solvent to do it's work, About five minutes
You may have to repeat this two or three times,

Once the solvent has softened the seal it will peal off the surface easily
Pick away any small pieces being careful not to allow them to fall within
the works of your camera, The old seals really do degrade to the point
that they are like semi dry motor oil, use a paper towel as needed, (The
old material once removed will stain anything it comes in contact with)

Once the surface is exposed, Add another application of solvent using a
dampened applicator until the the surface is clean and completely
free of the old seal material.

Now you can place the new seal .
Remember to dampen the adhesive of the new seal as this will allow time for
adjustment, Once dry the seal will become permanent.
Work slowly and you be rewarded with professional results.




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