January Promotions:

Below please view our promotional products for January. You must purchase from this page to receive the discount offers below.

Nikon F2

Nikon F2  Deluxe Seal kit including  tools, Free Worldwide shipping through January 31st.

Nikon Em-FG

Nikon EM-FG Deluxe Seal kit including  tools, Buy one and receive another free  through January 31st.. Shipping is just $1.50 U.S.D Worldwide. 5 packs excluded.


Pentax ME-ME Super

Pentax ME Deluxe Seal kit including tools, 25% OFF through January 31st. Shipping is just $1.50 Worldwide..

Canon Canonet all models

Canon Canonet Deluxe Seal kit including  tools marked down 20% Until January 31st.. Shipping is just $1.50 U.S.D Worldwide.



Expect More:

Avoid the frustration of attempting to cut your own seals from a generic kit made up of poor quality materials or purchasing an incomplete kit missing critical seals. Do a professional job the first time with confidence knowing that your seals will properly fit and were manufactured for your specific camera model.

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What's Included:

Everything is included to do a  professional  job. Included within every seal kit are all seals pre-cut required by your camera model, One Bamboo tool,  No-Mar tweezers, One #11 X-Acto Blade, Ten Applicators, Cleaning Pads, Cleaning wipe, Complete Instructions, Unsurpassed quality and peace of mind.